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unfinished fics? I love those. the way they just (clenches fists)

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cometsdaughter replied to your post:they’re doing the comedy of errors first in like…

its so cool to see you excited about plays because i remember before you were like “im doing it because i have too im nervous” and now youre all IM GUNNA BE IN EVERYTHING


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i want to rewatch some season 2 episodes of elementary but which episodes have the least mycroft in them

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George R.R. Martin


George R.R. Martin goes up to the counter and orders a series of incredibly complicated drinks, each more detailed and layered than the last. The barista works for an hour and finally hands them across the counter to Martin, who promptly throws one of them away with little to no explanation. That coffee had been the barista’s favorite.

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Dostoevsky goes up to the counter and spends two hours frantically trying to decide what to order. When he finally makes a decision, he sits in a corner and broods for the next several weeks. He is finally arrested for loitering and taken to prison overnight. He fears that he will face execution. He is an idiot.

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they’re doing the comedy of errors first in like march and the seagull’s in may bUT IM STILL SO PUMPED

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my school’s doing the seagull later in the year and i just read the whole play and im dYING DYING TO BE IN IT IM SO PUMPED

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from Noelle Stevenson’s 2-page comic included in Sleepy Hollow #1

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